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Mobile App
Development & Design

We create amazing IOS and Android apps with beautiful pixel perfect UI and UX.

The basis

Seamless App Development

We develop mobile apps in a cross-platform environment, allowing us to deploy the same source into both iOS and Android applications, without the need for additional development hours.

  • We build applications in Cordova or React Native depending on the project specifications and budget, these are the most popular options for cross platform mobile applications.
  • Our code is well documented and structured in a way that any new developer would be able to take over the project development, meaning that we do not want to force you to stay with us, but we are certainly sure our work together will last long.

We can develop the design of the application with support for both small mobile devices, but also larger devices such as iPads or even go crazy with a Macbook application.

  • If the budget allows it, we would take screen sizes up within the design process to ensure the layout is structured to work perfectly with both small, medium and wider screens.
  • In our process, we ensure an optimized user experience for your targeted group. If the budget allows if, we would like to add a A/B testing process to the design processing, having 10 targeted users to ensure the best experience.

Our expertise is within integration between services, we will integrate your applications with any required external or internal systems. Some examples would be:

  • Bug tracking integration is something we deploy for most of our projects, this allows us to find a bug even without being able to reproduce it. So if your customer has an issue, we can find it and solve it within the code.
  • Another great integration is the integration between a shop platform and an order system, which would allow you as the owner to easily manage others in your current order solution, from the users within the mobile shop solution.
why chose us

Get Onwership Of Your Project

If you hire us to build a custom application, we will not hold the source code hostage, in order to force you to stay with us. We know that from our good experience you would most likely stay with us anyhow. However, we would love to send you the source code of your application, for whatever reason you may have.

The Process

Few Simple Steps
for Success

Project Introduction

Our team will build up the project specifications together with you.

Research & Concept

We go through the specification to ensure the options according to costs allowing you the final choice.

Project Launch

Once an approach has been approved we will develop the project within the scope and the budget.

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What Makes Us Special

Project Versioning

We push all projects to our private Git repositories. This way we can rollback in case of errors.


Building automatic unit tests enable us to easily ensure that certain things within the app always works.

Bug Tracking

We implement a bug tracking solution into the application, allowing us to find and fix bugs much easier.


Our design process ensures that your application is user friendly for the main target group.


We ensure a certain level of security research for the project, to minimize the risk of hackers.


We maintain the applications we build, to ensure that it continues to work for many years.

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