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Written by Mark Topper, 7 months ago

Finally, we have gotten our homepage ready for the world wide web and this is our hello world post.


About the system

So we created the website using the Laravel PHP framework for the backend and Vue + Tailwind for the entire frontend.

What is Laravel

Laravel is a web application framework that focus on making expressive and elegant syntax that makes the code worth reading. Larave's founder Taylor Otwell believes that development must be an enjoyable, which we can certainly say that Laravel does. Laravel come with many built-in components like authentication, routing, sessions and caching which can be implemented into a Laravel application without much effort.

According to SimilarTech Laravel has risen to be used on 500% more websites than the latest leader Symfony, that leaves Laravel to be the top PHP framework.

Besides that, then another important reason for choosing Laravel is that we have used Laravel internally since mid 2014 when Laravel 4.2 was released.

What is Vue

Vue is a Javascript framework for builder user friendly interfaces with dynamic view layers and are easy to pickup and integrate. It it has been used by the Laravel author for multiple projects already and you can begin to see touches from Vue inside the Laravel core, which makes it obvious to pick Vue over any other monolithic Javascript framework.

According to Vue's website they say that they the speed and performance are just about the same as the current leaders Angular and React. A side-note is that Vue is less opinionated than React and Angular and therefor has almost no limitations when it comes to customization.

Even that Vue says that their performance is much like Angular and React, then CodeShip explains here why they switched to Vue over Angular and shares their performance before and after the switch. The result was incredible and ended up saving over half their processing and rendering time which is incredible.


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