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Frequent Questions

How do we estimate prices?

Our price estimates are build depending on the project specification and past experiences.

Please note that the estimated price only stands as long as the project specification is not changed at a later point.

How do we keep contact?

In our work process, we will keep you informed on the status whenever there is a new status on any task regarding the project. We mainly communicate within emails but are also available for scheduled calls or meetings regarding the project.

How do we estimate deadlines?

Estimations of deadlines require the project specification are ready and approved. After that we can along with the price estimate, attach an estimated timeline and deadline for the project.

Please note that estimates will extend in case of missing response or milestone payments from the customer or changes to the specification.

What are our payment options

We accept payments in direct bank wire transfer, using our Credit Card payment formula or through Paypal.

What is Ulties?

Ulties is a VAT registered software and branding company located in Copenhagen, Denmark. We have partners across the globe helping us deliver the perfect solution for our customers.

Do we pay VAT?

We are VAT registered in Denmark with the VAT No DK37187569.

Since we are within EU we must charge EU companies and citizens, without a valid VAT number, with VAT according to DK rules.

Do we offer milestones?

We offer milestones for larger projects, allowing us to split up the project and payment into multiple periods.

Can I get the source code?

If you hire us to build a custom solution for you. You can request the source code at any time. However, using one of our existing services or solutions will not allow you the source code.