Marts 22, 2020
Web Application Creation
Jelling Musik Festival







Front End Development

Back End Development

Administration Panel







Winning Algoritme


01. The Challenge & Solution

W We were contacted by Essencius A/S to develop this web application for their customer Jelling Music Festival. This is a music festival that takes place in Denmark since 1989.

The task was to provide a bingo game that their users can sign up for online and either print or play online directly from their computer or mobile. The bingo records should consist of songs and artists who would play at the festival the current year. However, it should not be an ordinary game of bingo, first and foremost, the customer only wanted to play to the first row, as they expected it to take about 20 minutes. In addition, they wanted to control how many winners there would be, as they did not want there to be only one or two winners, but the place wanted to have a good deal of players get the pleasure of winning.

02. Working Process

Essencius A/S delivered us with the design materials and content for the application, so we could focus entirely on the development of the system and implementation of the design.

For the backend we used Laravel to build up the logic of the system, and purchased a license of Laravel Nova for the administrative interface. For the frontend we used Bootstrap, since this was used for the existing Jelling Music Festival website, by using the same frontend framework we was able to clone the website navigation from their existing website into this new application, and yet keep their style.

03. Perfect Result

We built an application with a clear admin interface, that allowed the customer to create a game. Here they could enter control the amount of bingo plates that included the winning songs, and easily view a list of the users assigned to those plates.

We also prepared the system with the data for their 5 rounds of games, to ensure that they could just open the admin interface and press start, just like that. We didn’t limit them to use the application for just those 5 rounds of games, since we build a easy admin interface, they could easily configure another game and start that, or replay a previous game.