We are Ulties. A software company

Ulties is a VAT registered software and branding company located in Denmark. We have partners across the globe helping us deliver the perfect solution for our customers.

We build powerful tools to help others grow their business. We want to challenge how people see the digital businesses to make it better.


Frequently Asked Questions

What technology do we use?

With our many years in the software field, we have developed experience in quite many technologies. See some of the most common once below, and feel free to contact for more:

  • Operative Systems: Ubuntu
  • Backend Frameworks: Laravel
  • Frontend Frameworks: Vue, Alpine, Tailwind
I am a startup with limited funding, can you help?

We are always here to help startups that are limited in funding. Please contact us regarding our startup program.

Do you do open source work?

We do a lot of open source contribtions, you can see all our open source projects here. Feel free to sponsor our open source work on Github.

Love your open source work, can I help?

There are many ways you can help out, and we are always accepting a helping hand. See some of the ways below on how you can help out:

  • Contribute to our open source repositories.
  • Purchase our products.
  • Sponsor us on Github.
Where do I go to upgrade my account?

You can upgrade your account to be "Github Sponsor" on our Github Sponsor Page. After upgrading you will within one hour be granted access to our sponsors program.

How can I purchase your products?

Our products are different in many ways. Some can be bought directly here on our website for a one-time or yearly fee, while others can be bought from a separate website. Go to our products page for more details about the specific product that you wish to purchase. In addition, please note that some of our products (such as packages) are only accessible by the members of our sponsor program. Paddle for processing payments.

Is payments secure?

We do not store your credit card details, all payment details entered on this site is securely stored and handled by Stripe.

Do you guys make custom software development tasks?

We are in fact a software company, and we can therefore help you make your platform. Get in touch with more information about your project.

How can I get in touch?

The easiest way is to send us an email at mark@ulties.com. If you want a talk, then get in touch and lets book a meeting.

How much do you charge for software development and support?

No projects are exactly alike, and we at Ulties treats every customer project uniquely. Therefore the costs and man-hours depends on the project's specific requirements. So feel free to contact us for a non-binding estimate.

A few notices on support:

  • Support regarding repositories, please refer to the Github discussion for that specific repository.
  • Support for sponsors (tier $500 or above) regarding repositories, please get in touch for free support.
  • Support regarding our products, please refer to the website for that specific product for support.
  • Support regarding our products sold directly on this website, please get in touch for free support (requires an active license for that product).
Do you offer software support and maintenance?

We are pleased provide a comprehensive service level agreement (SLA) for your project, which guarantees the level of support from the moment your solution goes live. This includes team knowledge retention, background system maintenance and general user software support.
Every projects needs are different - and so is its budget, we will together build a SLA for your project that matches your needs and fits into your budget.

Our support agreements usually include the following:

  • Direct friendly, helpful and knowledgeable support through email or phone.
  • We investigate all potential issues or questions.
  • Database maintenance, performance, and indexing are given top priority.
  • We can restore your system from backup if we provide hosting.
  • We can import and export data.
  • We provide account management and offer regular conference calls and meetings.
  • We provide source code retention.
Who own the finished project rigths?

In most cases, you would own the rights to the project that we have developed for you. However, some limitations can occur, therefore you should always look through the project agreement.

Some examples where you would NOT hold the rights for the project:

  • You bought access to one of our products/platforms, you are hereby not the owner, but a user of it.
  • In some cases we can hold the rights to the project that we build for you, this could for example be if you were limited on funding and wanted a cheaper solution build.
  • We build your project under our startup program, then we do hold the rights unless discussed otherwise. This is due to the usual limitation of funding for startups, this way we can develop the project for you cheaper than usual. The rights may usually be bought by the startup later on, please refer to the project agreement for more details.
  • You never successfully paid for the full project, we hereby declare us the right to use it however suits us

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